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It’s never been easier to find a used Porsche 911 turbo for sale. You can choose from a wide range of prices, engine options, and colours. Plus, you can be sure that you’ll get a great deal with a dealer with a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Repairs can be costly.

There are a few reasons that repairs to the Porsche 911 turbo can be pricey. First, labour is higher than in regular cars. Secondly, the 911 is an older car, and parts are a bit more expensive.

Luckily, Porsche provides a lot of information about maintenance and repair costs on its website. The site also provides a fair price estimator. You can get a precise estimate based on your location and your car.

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You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $700 annually for Porsche maintenance. This includes minor and major services. The most important aspect of general service is an oil change. The oil changes are relatively inexpensive and can be done on your own.

A more complex component, such as a brake fluid flush, is more costly. You will want to replace your tires at least once a year. A tire can cost up to $500.

A spark plug replacement is a relatively simple affair. If your vehicle is over ten years old, you will want to replace your transaxle fluid every ten years or 100,000 miles.

Porsche has a long list of models and performance levels. However, it is the 911 that has garnered the best reputation for reliability and performance. Regardless, you need to know how much it will cost to keep your 911 running well.

It’s no secret that maintenance costs are high. But you should also know that there are ways to minimise expenses. The key is to use the correct oil. Using cheap oils can reduce your engine’s longevity and repair costs.

Other options include extended warranties. This can help you save a ton of money in the event of a significant repair.

Colour options

If you’re looking to buy a used Porsche 911 turbo, you’ll be happy to know that you have a wide variety of colour options. Not only are there standard colours, but there are also several metallic options available.

You can choose from an array of colours to make your next Porsche 911 look as unique as you are. There are more than 160 colours to choose from. If you have a specific colour in mind, you can order a custom paint job or go with one of the standard colours.

Speed Yellow is one of the most popular colours on a Porsche. Initially offered in 1993, it’s similar to Corvette yellow, but it’s a little more orange. In addition to the Porsche 911, it’s also available on a 987 Cayman.

You can get a colour sample at your local dealer. Then, you can send it to Porsche headquarters for testing. Then, if it passes, you can have a model shipped. Besides standard colours, there are many unique colours and extra-cost metallic paint options.

You’ll find the usual black, white, silver, and red among the standard colours. For metallic paints, you can go with Grigio Telesto, which has a darker colour than Nardo Grey. You can also go with Fjord Green. These two non-metallic options are perfect for classically inspired versions of your Porsche.

If you’re looking for a particular colour, you can go with Lava Orange, a bright orange. Another option is Gulf Blue, which is a subtle shade of almost sky blue. These colours can be found through the Porsche paint-to-sample program.


Porsche has been making high-performance automobiles for over half a century, so it’s no surprise that the company has developed several innovative technologies. 

One of the most notable is its legendary 911. This German-engineered luxury performance car comes in coupe, convertible, and sports variants. It’s a signature look, and feel that has captivated drivers for decades.

Porsche 911 For Sale

The Porsche 911 has undergone many iterations over the years. Some more exciting features include rear-wheel drive and an array of engines. The latest version of the 911 even boasts a nifty all-wheel-drive system. Luckily, there are several good places to buy a used Porsche near Fremont if you’re looking to get your hands on the most prestigious model.

Aside from a nice set of wheels, a used model is likely an investment that pays off in spades. The average price for a used 911 can range anywhere from $19,995 to $550,000. You’ll probably have to do some homework if you want to score a deal. The best way to do this is by locating a reputable Porsche dealer. The best dealerships in the area offer a variety of used cars at affordable prices.

Buying a used car is an excellent way to make an otherwise unappealing investment in something you will be proud to own for years to come. It’s a good idea to do homework to avoid wasting money on a used car that falls short. 

The best place to start is with your local Porsche dealership in Warrington, Pennsylvania. This is where you’ll find a wide selection of the latest and greatest used models, from the sleek and fast 911 Carrera to the high-performance Turbo.

Engine options

There are many options if you are looking for a Porsche 911 Turbo engine. For starters, you have the standard 3.8-litre flat-six, which has a power output of 486 horsepower. You can also opt for a turbocharged version with a 3.7-litre engine, rated at 572 horsepower.

A Turbo model has a new front lip, a different rear bumper, and a centre oil cooler behind the centre air intake. It is available in coupe or cabriolet body styles. The interior is equipped with ambient lighting and four-point daytime running lights. The 911 Turbo S comes with a 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system and an innovative Emergency Assist function.

In addition to the turbocharged variants, there are also several other 911s to choose from. These include the 911 Carrera, the 992 Series, and the GTS. The last two are based on the road-legal GT3 version of the 911, and each has unique styling.

The first 911s were released in 1975. A turbocharged model appeared in 1978. These models are similar to their non-turbo counterparts but are more streamlined. The engine has been updated to comply with emissions standards and is now equipped with particulate gasoline filters.

Initially, all 911s were powered by flat-six engines. But the next generation saw a radical change in how the car was styled. A broader track was added to the model. This also sparked a growth in the power of the vehicle.

The Turbo-Look was another option. It was based on the 930 Turbo and featured wider tires and a stiffer suspension. The exterior was styled with more aggressive body panels and unique wheels. It was equipped with a braking system that was similar to the Turbo. The doors were made of Alcantara and brushed stainless steel.


The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars ever built. It has been a performance, styling, and reliability benchmark for almost fifty years. Its latest iteration is the most impressive to date, with the Turbo S setting new standards in speed and technology.

It has a sleek, compact body and a svelte interior that is both comfortable and luxurious. You can customise it or have the dealership do the work.

Porsche 911 Features

The engine is a twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive flat-six. It produces up to 473 horsepower. It is the most powerful 911 to date. It also boasts variable-geometry turbos and an active suspension management system.

The best part is it’s easy to drive. Its steering is firm, precise, and responsive. Its rear view camera is standard.

Its infotainment system is quite sophisticated. It includes an upscale touchscreen and a 12-speaker Bose audio system. It’s also equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless Apple CarPlay.

The 911, as mentioned earlier, has many optional features, including an array of engines. It also boasts a solid chassis and good forward visibility.

In the Porsche 911 world, the steering is the actual show. It goes where you point it and is the best in its class.

There are a couple of problems with the engine, though. It’s leaky. It’s also made of plastic. This can cause an expensive repair job.

The Porsche 911 is an excellent choice for everyday driving. Its wide tires help make it more manoeuvrable through traffic. But after a more thrilling experience, you may want to look elsewhere.

A used Porsche 911 is a good buy. You should consider the safety features and repairs and disclose any motorsport plans when applying for insurance.

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